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iChina aims to serve Overseas Internet Merchants, who are interested to take part in the China's market, with our team of top professionals in the industry. Embraced by the remarkably state-of-the-art backend of ePayLinks, we can assure every Internet Merchant who intends to get a grip on China's market, would receive the best services and expertise available.

We would also like to stress that ePayLinks has over 200 engineers and programmers. There is also an associate, a 100% subsidiary of the Group, being a Call Center employing more than 2,000 customer service agents. Our support includes:
  Technical support to assist our Merchants in setting up the API interface with ePayLinks.
  24-hour hotline Customer Service for overseas Internet Merchant.
  On-line Merchant Management Account, accessible by all ePayLinks merchants. A unique Merchant No. will be assigned to the approved merchant. Merchants will be issued with an e-Certificate for additional security over mere password.

ePayLinks is the wholly owned subsidiary of Revenco, a US$ multi-billion conglomerate. For those who encounter hick-ups here and there in the course of building the structure of your business for China, we are always ready to provide assistance and line you up with the correct experts. Our connections span through the following areas:
  Taxation and Import Procedures
  Licensing, like applying ICP license.
  Website Design and Translation