Our Payment Network is the most diverse in China incorporating all possible payment methods one can imagine, reaching out to all consumers and businesses. Literally, we bridge you over the Internet to the full exposure into the China market.
Different payment channels are categorized into the following Payment Systems. Separate Discount Rates will be offered for each Payment Systems.
1. ePayLinks e-Wallet
This is a unique, proprietary product created by ePayLinks. It is a hybrid of e-Wallet and Stored-value Card. Not only can consumers top-up their easeCard over the Internet, but they can also top-up physically at chain stores like 7-Eleven and even by transfer of balance from their mobile phones talk-time.
2. Bank Payment (RMB Debit Card or Credit Card can be used)
Together with UnionPay, we have virtually incorporated all the Banks in China. This practically means that all the citizens of China and all foreigners in China can pay you through their bank accounts over the Internet. The only thing you need to do is to apply and become an Internet Merchant of ePayLinks. Remember, the current ratio of Debit cards to Credit cards is 9:1. Hence, we literally render you the exposure to the entire market in China.
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3. Credit Payment
This includes the standard foreign currency Credit Cards.
4. Other Payment
Major e-Wallets : AliPay, TenPay, YeePay and 99Bill are included.