Privacy Policy
It is the commitment of iChina Payment Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "iChina"), the owner of this web site, to safeguard and secure the privacy of our existing, eligible, prospective and potential Merchants' information, and their customers' information, collected through iChina's web site(s). The policy under which we handle such information is explained as follows.
- Information attained -
"Merchants" are those legal entities designated to accept debit card, credit card or other payment systems for payment or other related financial transactions on their goods or services. Information obtained is strictly related to the preparation, management and/or processing of these transactions of Merchants; which may include but not limited to personal financial information of their customers, owners, officers or guarantors. iChina realizes the sensitiveness of such information and takes appropriate measures, in accordance with this Privacy Policy, to safeguard its security and confidentiality.
- Use and Disclosure of Information -
iChina may use and/or disclose the information obtained in the forth-going circumstances.
1. Website Browsing. iChina may collect information about the domain or host through which you access our website, the Internet Protocol address of the computer and, the Internet Service Provider you are using, and anonymous site statistical data. iChina's website is designed for commercial use and information may be collected through your voluntary provision, including that related to your business. In addition, data may also be collected from the third-party's website through which you access iChina's website. Such information will be used (a) for Inquiries, as described in the next paragraph; (b) for the improvement or administration of site performance; (c) for the support of our Merchants; (d) for the generation of statistical information; (e) for the compliance to rules and regulations of banks, processors, card associations and relevant financial institutions; and (f) for the compliance to applicable national, provincial or local laws. Information collected may only be shared internally between iChina and its associate entities and will not be sold or otherwise.
2. Inquiries. These are occasions where you send us email(s) or facsimile(s), contact us by telephone or fill in forms through our website, to make correspondences in general, including requests for information about our company, products and services. iChina may retain these inquiries and the related data as information. The use of such information is subject to the same policy stipulated above in paragraph 1.

Merchant Account. When you apply through iChina for a Merchant Account or during the course of maintaining your approved Merchant Account, information will be required from you in respect of your business, owners, officers, guarantors and/or relevant parties. iChina may go further to relevant entities including but not limited to banks, processors, card associations, relevant financial institutions, legal attorneys, surveyors, consumer councils, credit bureaus, company registry to obtain further information in facilitating the process of applying or maintaining such Merchant Accounts. iChina may, from time to time, obtain, store, use and disclose this information in order to (a) perform our services to Merchants including handling of transaction issues, (b) evaluate or verify your eligibility of a Merchant Account, (c) investigate or prevent any suspected or committed crime or fraud, (d) contact you as a Merchant for business matters, (e) comply with applicable rules and regulations of banks, processors, card associations and relevant financial institutions, and (f) comply with applicable national, provincial or local laws.

4. Customers of Our Merchants. As a customer to our Merchant, you may give your personal information to it during your interaction and iChina may collect such information from the same Merchant. We may disclose such information to banks, processors, card associations or relevant parties (associate or non-associate) for the purpose of delivering our services to such Merchant. For instance, the processing of the transaction you made to purchase from this Merchant. Furthermore, such information may also be disclosed in compliance to national, provincial or local laws; or the rules or regulations of banks, processors, card associations or relevant financial institutions.
5. Cookies. Cookie, a small data file, may be created on your hard disk during your browse to iChina's website. These Cookies may be used to
  Customize your log-on information;
  Require your change of password as a preventive measure against undesirably access to your Merchant Account;
  Assist us to display the appropriate or deemed useful information to you while you are on our website;
  Conduct analysis and research for the improvement of our website performance and services;
  Track advertising or promotional data or others for better provision of our services.
- Protection of Information Collected -
iChina has deployed measures, including appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards, designed to ensure the security and confidentiality of information we collected, against expectable threads or hazards on the integrity or security of such information. In accordance to relevant rules and regulations of banks, processors, card associations or relevant financial institutions, iChina constantly reviews and apply appropriate actions including encryption, physical access security and other applicable technology to enhance such protection system.
- Responsibility of Merchants -
It is also the responsibility of a Merchant to ensure the integrity and security of the information it collects, in compliance to the rules of regulations of banks, processors, card associations and relevant financial institutions. Regular reviews and the application of appropriate measures would be required. You should refer to the Privacy Policy of individual Merchant's web site.
- Third-Party Web Sites -
Links may be there from iChina web site to third-party web sites, and vice versa. iChina does not warrant, take responsibility, nor have control, on the content provided in these third-party web sites. These include but not limited to, the privacy practices and the merchantability of goods or services provided on such web sites.
- Modifications to Privacy Policy -
This Privacy Policy will be reviewed continuously to enhance iChina's commitment to safeguard the security and privacy of our Merchant's information. We reserve our right to modify this Privacy Policy from time to time without notice, including at a need to comply basis against the rules and regulations of banks, processors, card associations or relevant financial institutions. You should check this policy every time you visit iChina's web site, or you would be deemed to have been informed on our latest policy once you continue to use our web site.
- Inquiries -
Please send your comment or question to
iChina Payment Ltd.
Chief Compliance Officer
903 SBI Centre, 54 Des Voeux Rd. Central, Hong Kong.
(Last modified Jun. 20th, 2009)