iChina Payment Ltd. is a newly established company, formed to act as the overseas arm of ePayLinks, established in 1999 as a 100% subsidiary of Revenco, a multi-billion US dollars conglomerate since 1994.

With its own 28-storey commercial building located in Guangzhou, China, Revenco's business thrives around its impeccable technologies in data processing. It has over 30 subsidiaries operating:
The Most Diverse Nation-wide Electronic Payment Network covering both online and offline channels.
The Largest Billing System for China Mobile.
The Most Advanced SMS systems for China Mobile.
The Most Sophisticated Stored-Value Card System for Guangzhou and a few other cities.
The Real-time TV Broadcasting inside the trains of subways of Guangzhou , including the production of TV programs.
The Most Consummate Electricity metering and power management system in Guangzhou.
The Lottery of Guangzhou.
A TV station with 7 channels for mobile TVs and the portable TVs.
The Ultimate Lock Tracking System for the Customs of China.
The Online Tax Return System for Guangzhou and other systems requiring at least state of the art technology if not innovative.
Its investments are thoroughly diversified. Revenco owns a Call Center, staffed over 2,000, which serves organizations including Pizza Hut, China Mobile and a multitude of influential corporations alike. A few Hong Kong cinemas and the City Line Ticketing Network are in its possession as well. Back in China, Revenco has major shares in chain stores like 7-Eleven, C-Store, Tian Tian Laundry, to name a few.

ePayLinks, incorporated in 1999, is a company focusing on building a uniform payment platform to facilitate e-Commerce. Its easeCard is a hybrid of e-Wallet and Stored-value card, enabling both on-line and on the streets transactions in one single account for every cardholder. So, top-ups can be realized over the Internet, transferring money from cardholders : bank accounts, Credit cards or other e-Wallets. Physically, top-ups can be made at POS of 7-Eleven, C-Store, oil stations or likewise.

easeCard spending is versatile, for example, for buying grocery at chain stores or purchasing points of QQ, the equivalent of MSN in China. On the Internet, ePayLinks platform is richly resourceful. It has an e-Shopping Mall where browsers can access not only for games and other e-Shops, but also for day to day needs in topping up their mobile phones talk-time or buying ferry or plane tickets. Yet to be implemented, easeCard will soon be serving as the door key to he homes of Cardholders as well thus providing enormous room for growth in terms of its usage potential.

At the back end, ePayLinks has invested in building robust, sophisticated and reliable gateways. This allows the company to extend into a physical network for urban merchants. With people like 7-Eleven, BP oil stations, Mei Yee Jia chain store and others joining, the network has expanded tremendously into more than 30,000 Point-of-Sales nation-wide. Having designed an all-in-one POS terminal, capable of processing Debit, Credit and Stored-value Cards, ePayLinks anticipates a rapid expansion of network.

Collaboration with the banks in China and UnionPay is another breakthrough. This has enabled ePayLinks to carpet out a platform stretching into Debit and Credit cards. It is particularly important to note that in China, everyone owns a Debit card but only about 10% owns a Credit card. Furthermore, systems are integrated to permit payments through Debit Cards over the Internet. As development continues, ePayLinks incorporates Merchant Account Management and other e-Wallets like AliPay and TenPay, to further expose its e-Merchants, reaching out to every citizen of the country.

Complying with such factual evidence, China 's market is undoubtedly under a rapid and radical change towards a well-versed and energetic mechanism. This will attract and smoothen out the roads for all businesses, widening the entrance over the Internet. Yet, on the other hand , it brings along challenges, viz. frauds, money laundry, abuses, etc. ePayLinks certainly is devoted to operate its systems to provide a rightful and fair platform for all participants, both merchants and consumers.